Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sprout Spouts, now featuring purpose and meaning :)

Due to my church calling as "Ward Emergency Prepared Specialist", Sprout Spouts will have purpose as a blog.

I will share information regarding Emergency Preparedness, such as links, articles, readiness tips, disaster response systems/guidelines, as well personal survival techniques. A lot of the information will be tailored to young single adults and college students, but all of the information can be easily applied to anyone and everyone. Just remember, prepare for people in your house and your family as well as yourself.

First off, everyone should have 72 hours of fresh water (stored in metal, glass, or thick (not thin, and not milk cartons) plastic containers). For storage needs, everyone should have two weeks of food and two weeks of water. For emergency needs, everyone should have 72 hours of food.

In any emergency or disaster, 3 days of food and water gives you the energy and clarity needed to insure survival. Being prepared never hurt anyone. Start now, and you'll find its easy to be prepared. And if anything, pretend that zombies attack- then think about your personal preparedness.

FIRST SURVIVAL RULE: FIND WATER, make sure its drinkable and if not- then make it so. If you can't find a water source, then suck the dew off plants in the morning, or suck the juice out of an eyeball, or go Bear Grills and press some poo.

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Robin said...

oooh. I like the purpose and meaning of this blog. Does your bishop know about it?